Whooping cough vaccine safety

Check out our new publication on a novel alternatives-to-animals method to detect residues of active pertussis toxin (causing Whooping cough) in anti-whooping cough vaccine. Identification of biomarkers to detect residual pertussis toxin using microarray analysis of dendritic cells. Vaessen SF,

NGI Venture Challenge

From October 9 to 11, a team of scientists from Leiden (LUMC), Utrecht (INT) and Bilthoven (RIVM) participated in the first of two 3-day work shops of the The NGI Venture Challenge at Badhotel, Rokanje. This year's edition will most likely be the last of the 11 that have been organized since 2008.

Inaugural speech / Openbare Les

Dr. Raymond Pieters and Dr. Cyrille Krul held their inaugural speech already some time ago. On March 6th 2009, over 200 people listened to their objectives, visions and opinions on the topic 'Innovative Testing'. Now, almost five years later many of the objectives have been met, but many have

Utrecht University and Hogeschool bachelor students in one course

Together with the Medical Faculty of the Utrecht University, Innovative Testing is developing a special Bachelor-level course. Students from Hogescholen together with those from Academic Universities will work on an applied scientific research project. The course is open for all Hogeschool bachelor