NGI Venture Challenge

From October 9 to 11,  a team of scientists from Leiden (LUMC), Utrecht (INT) and Bilthoven (RIVM) participated in the first of two 3-day work shops of the The NGI Venture Challenge at Badhotel, Rokanje. This year's edition will most likely be the last of the 11 that have been organized since 2008. The Venture Challenge is one of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative’s activities aimed at stimulating and supporting Life Sciences researchers in translating their inventions into viable business ideas.
The Venture Challenge is a ‘must-do’ opportunity for all aspiring Life Sciences entrepreneurs, it is the way to receive coaching and advice on essential elements of setting up a business, thereby paving the way for your future success. It is also superb preparation for the next stage: acquiring financing, such as the Life Sciences Pre-Seed Grant. In two 3-day workshops, the facilitators and other ‘competing’ teams will challenge you to focus your business idea to create optimal customer value, and you will learn to pitch your business case. At the end of the Challenge, the team with the best venture plan and pitch is awarded €25,000. The winner will be announced on December 9th, during the Dutch Life Sciences Conference, Pivot Park, Oss

The Venture with which the team participates is called Toxys which is a new to be establised company. The master mind behind Toxys is Dr. Giel Hendriks, who has been a postdoctoral researchers for the past decade at Leiden University Medical Centre. The major product Toxys wants to bring to the market is a superiour assay that enables the assessment of toxic properties of compounds: ToxTracker. Not only canToxTracker, identify toxic properties, but it also identifies the mechanisms as to why a certain compound is potentially harmful.

With the Venture Challenge the team: Dr. Giel Hendriks (LUMC); Dr. Harry Vrieling (LUMC); Dr. Mirjam Luijten (RIVM) and Dr. Marc Teunis (INT) hopes to be able to help starting-up this very promising business idea.

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