Yvonne Schilder, Ph.D.

Yvonne Verbeek-Schilder studied Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University and graduated at the division of Pharmacognosy. After obtaining the MSc in 2003, she wrote a PhD-thesis at the Pharmacognosy department of the University of Vienna in Austria in 2008, entitled The role of resveratrol in endothelial cell senescence. After this, she started working as a senior researcher Life Sciences at FrieslandCampina Innovation in Deventer, The Netherlands. During this time, she worked on the prevention of dairy-based food on obesity and cardiovascular health, and on the bio-availability of nutrients. Since 2013, Yvonne Verbeek-Schilder is working at Dopharma, a company that develops, produces and markets animal medicines. In her leisure time, she likes to play the clarinet and the violin, to ride the horse and to spend time in her vegetable garden.