Laura M'Rabet, Ph.D.

SLIM2 was founded in April 2010 by Laura M’Rabet. During her professional career in R&D, she noticed that scientist have brilliant ideas, but these ideas do seldom lead to successful products. On the other hand while working in marketing, she saw that market opportunities  where not picked up by scientist. Indeed it seems that scientist and marketers do speak different languages and this hampers the innovative power of many companies. SLIM2 can help in the translation of brilliant ideas to innovative products with good USP’s and vice versa the translation of customer needs into a R&D trajectory. SLIM2 builds a bridge between R&D and marketing. Laura M'Rabet did her studies Molecular Sciences at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, with specialization in cell biology and physics. Afterwards she obtained her PhD degree at  the physical Chemistry department of the University Utrecht in signal transduction in oncology and COPD. She has broadened her expertise during her professional career on immunology, oncology and pulmonary diseases with special attention to nutrition and diagnostic applications for mothers, infants and patients.
She followed several courses on general management and marketing and gained experience with years in public institutions, nutritional companies and diagnostic companies.
At this very moment she collaborates with Innovative Testing, Life Sciences of University of Applied Sciences Utrecht to develop new research projects, to identify potential research partners and is involved in operational management of projects already granted. She can inspire motivate people and give them chances to develop themselves. She brings people together and can build a team that achieves nice results. Finally some words by which she is often defined;" smart, strong, strict, positive and lots of laughter"