Cyrille A.M. Krul, Ph.D.

Cyrille Krul, PhD, is associated with the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) as professor since 2007. Cyrille Krul gained her Master degree in Biological Health Science (Maastricht University) and she gained her PhD at the Utrecht University after carrying out her research at TNO. The design of this PhD research focused on the application of a dynamic gastrointestinal model for research on the influence of the digestive system on the formation of genotoxic food ingredients. She is an international board certified Toxicologist and specialist in the refinement, reduction and replacement of animal testing (3Rs).  In addition to managing the research group at the HU, she is businessline manager at TNO. Leading an innovation program in the field biomedical research, in collaboration with experts in- and outside TNO, and bringing these innovations to market by leading the business development.