Cristina Chamorro-Perez Ph.D.

Cristina studied Chemistry at Autonoma University of Madrid (Spain). She performed her PhD-project on Medicinal Chemistry at the Medicinal Chemistry Institute (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) of Madrid (Spain). After her promotion, she came to The Netherlands in 2000. She developed different research projects in the Combinatorial Chemistry, Solid-Phase Chemistry, Peptide Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry fields at Utrecht University (Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology - Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences and  Organic Chemistry & Chemical Biology- Dept. of Chemistry,) and Radboud UMC (Dept. Nuclear Medicine) in Nijmegen. In 2010, she joined the University for Applied Sciences and since then,she is one scientist at the Research Centre. She is interested in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy (Natural Products). Furthermore, she teaches structural analysis, organic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. Cristina likes flamenco dancing, swimming, and being with her family.